Namasté, dear visitor of my website!


Namasté means "I honour and respect the godliness in you"


I would like to tell you shortly how I got to Tantra and what it means to me.

I was raised in a little town in Rumania, in a rural surroundings, among ill, unhappy and discontented adults, where there was no place for discussion for themes like sexuality, nor was this theme lived.

Already as a child I was very interested in the relationship between man and woman and what ment love and sexuality.

With 15 (already in Germany) I started a relashionship adventure lasting 17 years. It was a relationship tragedy, without previous experience nor positive example. Most of the time I was unhappy and not fullfilled in my marriage and searched satisfaction in material things and in the job. I had apparently all I needed to be happy - a big house, a good earning husband, a secure job, 2 healthy and lively kids, a car and so on - but I still missed something.

What was I missing?

After the separation from my husband I started my spiritual path.

I started looking for Luck, Love and for Myself. I started first with meditation in a small group. But within myself everything felt dark and not still, I couldn´t turn off nor sit still.

In a little tantra group among women I had the chance to feel what I had long suppressed. Many fears came to the surface, which I had no energy to cope with. I first needed something to get stiller inside, better balanced and to improve my energy level. That´s how I came to yoga. Years of intensive exercise followed and I felt a long time well and at ease while I also analized the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga.

Nonetheless I still missed something.

Tantra - I got again in touch with it!

I tought, there should be a connection between yoga and tantra and started my search in the world wide web. I landed on the homepage of EroSpirit, the tantra institue of Lucian Loosen. I read about tantra and their formation and I was euphoric - that was exactly what I was looking for! Many inner beliefs and contradictions in my head blocked me from taking this path. Stamped from the yoga philosophy that teaches the sexual abstinence - Bramacharya - I found that the tantric path, going through sexual freedom, the cultivation of the Eros was the complete opposite.

I decided to stay on the yoga path, formed in July 2003 to a yoga teacher and gave my experience on to my students. Still my heart longed for tantra. This curious and rebellic child inside wanted to get precise answers and get own experiences.

I read a few books on Tantra in order to know more and at the same time attended a few courses as a participant as well as assistant at EroSpirit. That´s how I gathered experience, practical experience, which is much more important. You may read many theoretical exposés but only through practise you can understand yoga as well as tantra.

In July 2007 came the right time. I began the formation as tantra teacher at EroSpirit.

The course was the best thing I ever did in my life; it changed my life completely and enriched it.

Tantra mens to me:

- sensuality, love, erotic and desire to live - not only in the head but within my whole being
- to feel connected with everything - with the Nature, with other people - to feel the Oneness - just to be
- to accept what occurs - everything is fine - all emotions are good and are allowed to be - all shadows are good - they melt into light and love if you look at them, if you recognize the truth and accept the situation
- to celebrate and live the Love, to make out of it a party of the senses and the joy. The godliness wants you to be happy and enjoying!
- to say yes to life - whatever aspect it shows. Life is Tantra - here and now - always and everywhere

And still there is something missing!

Yoga and tantra, especially the red, sexual Tantra, have changed and enriched my life but I am still longing for more, for the oneness, for absolute Love, for the melting with the godliness. For this reason there will be no end to this way. Through my experience I would like to show you that yoga, the red and the white Tantra were important stages in my life, these experiences were good and important and had their space in my life. All the path flow into each other and help us in our transformation. There is nothing we should factor out, judge nor refuse; instead everything should be accepted as part of our path. I would like to share with you the experience in my life, in my courses and formations as well as the relationships to other people so that I can support you to find yourself and to lead a happy, fullfilled, authentic as well as a selfconfident life.

Namasté Parvati