Sensual Massages - relaxation for body, mind and soul

Namasté welcome to the massagetemple!

To receive a massage is something very precious because the body, the soul as well as the heart are equally touched.

Massage means from a tantric point of view - source of energy and love


My grounding

Attentive feeling


Sensing the feeling of being loved

Impulse for healing



Therefore allow yourself as often as possible a wonderful massage. It fills your soul with happiness and joy.


The tantramassage is a mixture of different techniques: elements from bio energetic, yoga and sexual therapy. Your energy life (Kundalini Shakti) gets stimulated and starts flowing. With this massage you start en exciting, touching and variated voyage through your whole body. All senses get stimulated and sensitized. You will be attentively and lovely touched and escorted so that your stress level will be lowered and blockades can melt. Your energy will be able to flow freely. through kneading, milling, vibrating and shaking of the single body sections, through stroking the energy alternated to times of pausing and synchron breathing, the energy flow will start and deep relaxation can occur. Whatever wants to be manifested and dissolved, all emotions and feelings are allowed, in this protected place you may let yourself fall. Smooth and sensual elementss are part of it, you will be hold, caressed, with feathers and spoiled with perfumes.