Tantra massage for the man - Lingam massage


The word Lingam comes from the sanskrit language and cannot be translated in a western language. Whether the word "penis" nor the depreciative word "cock" or "dick" are a lovely expression for the sensual and love organ of a man. Lingam means something like light column, an expression full of respect. In India the lingam of the God Shiva is ritually worshipped.

The Lingam massage was developped by the in the United States living Master Joe Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, a school specialised in teaching tantra to men. The lingam massage is a simple method to feel great pleasure and at the same time to refine one´s life energy.

The sexual energy gets stimulated and heated and at the end of the massage shoots up the spine and implodes in the whole body. The Taoism and the Tantra make a separation and difference between ejaculation and orgasm. An ejaculation has usually an energy loss as a result. If the sexual energy fills the whole body through breathing, it is possible to experiment a whole body orgasm. What is also important: you are invited to enjoy the massage, to let go and to be completely passive during the massage. I know that during the massage a lot of nearness can be created, nonetheless it is not an invitation to sexual interaction with me; there will be no sexual exchange of any art. I am looking forward to clients who respect this barrier and appreciate the spiritual dimension of the massage.


The Big Draw - the great drawing up


In the tantra massage there is no priority for ejaculation nor genital orgasm, much more the priority lies into energy increase and energy distribution through the whole body. Through the "Big Draw", a tantrical breathing technique and muscle contraction, it is possible to keep the sexual energy and experience a sequence of orgasms. The orgasm is not delimited only in the genitals but it can expand throughout the whole body. In the ideal case it comes to a whole body orgasm. You need some practice to achieve it. At the end of the tantra massage you may try the Big Draw. It can be a real enrichment to your sexual life.