The pelvic floor/ prostate gland massage


Especially in the region of the pelvic floor, where the basic chakra (Muladhara Chakra) is located, cronic muscle tension can affect the blood circulation, which is the key to a healthy sexual reaction. Heavy mental and physical blockades can occur due to hits on the abdomen, sexual hostile and too early toilet training, punishment for masturbation or forced sexual abuse.

Through the massage of the pelvic floor on the outside and through the rectum, tensions can be loosened and the blood cirrculation can be positively influenced. The relaxation in this area is important for a fullfilled sexuality as it augments the perception as well as the energy flow.

Older tensions, which have been accumulated through the years, need time to be released and get better. The prostate gland will be carefully massaged through the anus in order to have a better blood circulation which loosens the tensions and the deposits.

If regularly applied the risk to have an inflation of the gland or to get cancer on the gland is minimized. Moreover the passion can be deeper.