Tantra massage for the woman - Yoni massage


Yoni is also a sanskrit word meaning vulva, womb, origin or source. Yoni means the female genital area. In the ritual of the yoni massage the aim is to worship the woman in her Godness and to celebrate her power and beauty. In comparison with the lingam massage the yoni massage is much more tied to the aspect of sexual healing since the negative energy gets stocked in the yoni, linked to psychic patterns due to negative experiences.

The yoni is made of a very assimilating nature, which on one hand is very nice following the female principle of devotion but also on the other hand has the disadvantage to assimilate and stock many negative experiences of one´s own as well as of the whole female generations.

The yoni massage helps to dissolve the injuries and blockades in a conscious and cautious way in order to feel more pleasure and joy in your life.

The yoni massage was created by Joe Kramer and Annie Sprinkle. Also in this case its aim is to activate the sexual energy and to keep it. Through this massage the energy expands into the whole body. The receiver may support the process through slow, powerful breathing in the region of the heart. The combination of heart breathing and massage may release a whole body orgasm.

Such a massage can lead from the sexual part to a trascendential-spiritual part, where the armour plating can be dissolved and sexual healing can occur in an unexpected extent. The healing effect of the massage may take place also after a few days.

The emotions manifesting while and after the massage may be of different nature. Sorrow, pain, rage or pleasure and joy may manifest in this protected space during the massage. I will accompany you in a carefull and cautious manner.

The outer as well as the inner part of the yoni, the G-point will be massaged smoothly and empathically. As the receiving woman you decide how far the massage should go. In order to get into a relaxed state, the yoni massage is proceeded by an ample tantra massage. A pelvic floor massage is also a possibility.


Quotation from Osho:


"Discover the ecstasy in yourself, it is nowhere outside, it is your inner blossom. The one you are looking for is yourself. You are the traveller and the goal. If you experience the ecstasy of your own way, you have achieved your ultimate goal."