What is tantra?


Group sex with incense sticks?

Wild sex orgies, everyone with everybody?

Many people associate Tantra with the above mentioned things without even having tried to research themselves. We live in a society where sex is in many ways propagandized and commercialized, in which although only a minority really lives true sexuality.

Yes - Tantra has got to do with sex and a lot of pleasurefull methods and rituals are used, but in Tantra the priority is much higher than only to live according to your pleasure and delight. The pure consumption of pleasure leads to insensibility and addiction, the opposite of the aim of Tantra. Its purpose is not to live a dissolute sexual life but through carefullness, sensitivity, delight and love, the highest love to reach living out of an open, clean and healed heart. This unconditional love, free from selfishness and which does not use others to satisfy one´s own desires. Tantra connects the sexual energy, which everybody possesses in itself and out of which we were created with the heart energy. Tantra is a spiritual path using the sexual energy for transformation in order ro achieve a state of ecstasy, of highest delight and enrapture. The tantra practitioner as well as the yogi has to be very disciplined on this way. While the yogi avoids anything relating to sexuality, the tantric practitioner uses this energy. Tantra does not exclude anything nor anybody out of the Godness, instead it accepts all opposites.

In our reality we are daily faced with opposite polarities like good and bad, beautiful and horrible for example and according to the education received from our parents, the society and religion we are taught only to show and accept the nice side of ourselves and to deny and suppress the rest. Tantra knows no moral nor strong beliefs to be followed, there is nothing only bad and wrong to avoid. Everything is experience, life itself is the master from which we may learn a lot, on the condition that we are ready to look at it and recognize the truth.

The body is the temple of the soul, wanting to manifest right in this moment. The body doesn´t need to sublimate or to be repulsed to realize God, since the body is already the manifestation of Godness. It is a wonderful instrument in which the Creation materializes as opposite poles - Shiva and Shakti, male and female energy, positive and negative.

Osho says in his book "The supreme understanding" about Tantra:

"Say yes. Say yes to everything. You do not need to fight. You do not need to swim - let yourself drift. The river flows from itself, in its rhythm and everything flows into the one Ocean. Do not resist, do not propel the river, just follow it. Tantra is flowing with the river, drifting with it, and relaxing with it."

We were born as godly sexual beings - Kundalini Shakti, the creative power slumbers within everybody. Without this energy we wouldn´t exist. In most people this energy dozes like an enrolled snake in our pelvic floor. Aim of the Tantra as well as in yoga is to activate this energy and direct it from the pelvic floor through all the energy centers (chakras) upwards. This energy wants to express itself, aspires from the bottom to the top and its manifestation should not be repressed in whatever way it shows itself.

While in yoga teachings we learn to withdraw our senses from the outer world, which makes at some times sense in order to get awareness of the inner mechanisms; Tantra teaches the cultivation of our senses in the outside becoming more sensitive for the emotions within ourself.

In the Yamas and Niyamas (To do´s and not to do´s) exists the Yama (to do) of Bramacharya teaching the abstention from sexual activity. Many yogis believe that this high and ethic goal has to be achieved through absolute abstention, through celibacy and condemn, respectively split sexual impulses, which also are a manifestation of the kundalini energy in the bottom chakras Muladhara (basic chakra) and Svadishana chakra (sex chakra). These chakras are usually not activated or very little activated. The life energy wants to flow allover the body, all chakras want to be active and expand. We cannot exclude the bottom chakras and develop only the ones on the top. As my tantra teacher always used to say: "You may reach the highest only if you accept the lowest". The path of the Kundalini Shakti (female energy) leads from the basic chakra (Muladhara chakra) through all the chakras to the top residence of Shiva (male energy) in the top of the head (Sahasrara chakra). The moment the Kundalini Shakti arrives at the top, the person lives a state of absolute conciousness, of enlightment, Samadhi.

The first sutra of the Vigyana Bairava Tantra goes:

"In the beginning of the sexual union, focus yourself on the starting fire and hold in order to avoid the fervency fire of the end."

What is the meaning of staying in the fervency fire?

The fervency fire is the upgoing of the sexual energy during the union or during the massage of the genitals. To dwell in this energy, just to be without expectations, without a goal, without aiming to sexual discharge, ejaculation nor orgasm. If you have mastered this situation then you have trascended sex, you went through and above. Then you have become a true Bramacharya.

In the moment you let go, you surrender to this energy without wanting to achieve nor to possess anything, in a way you abstain from sex, in this moment the energy flows naturally. In this very moment the opposite energy poles in yourself - positive and negative - Shiva and Shakti - male and female may join to a whole - the circle gets closed - the unity - the state of ecstasy can be felt in the here and now. The body is a wonderful instrument and tantra uses and worships this instrument to make it sound through practice. The aim of tantra and yoga is to achieve the state of ecstasy - the godly bliss - Samadhi.

On this level yoga and tantra are united. You haven´t omitted nor denied anything out of Godness, instead you went through, you have lived it and integrated it.


To live a tantric vision


To live a tantric vision means to me to integrate the tantric practice in my everyday life in order to create a surrounding of Love and Peace. We all are spiritual beings in a mankind body on our way to home, to Oneness, to Self Realization and only on this reality level we have the chance and possibility to achieve this. Through the years and various formations and advanced professional training I have learned how to use a number of exercises, methods and rituals ready to be offered during the healing and transformation process of the people.

Come, I will accompany you a little way on the path to yourself.